Keep Your Del Cerro Home Free From Leaks & Water Damage

With Steele Plumbing

If you live in Del Cerro, Levanto, San Carlos, Allied Gardens, Grantville, College West, College Heights, College East, Mid-City, on Lake Murray, or anywhere else nearby, the experienced, licensed, and certified plumbers at Steele Plumbing are here to meet all your plumbing needs – from dripping faucets and running toilets to pipe leaks, gas leaks, water filtration systems, and bathroom remodels. Just give us a call!

Del Cerro, which is just west of Lake Murray and Mission Trails and bordered by I-8, is a picturesque and hilly southern California community. Residents in the area love the 4th of July party and other annual events the area hosts, and they enjoy the fact that Del Cerro always has something for everyone. It’s a great community for couples and singles looking for a peaceful life and a great nightlife, but it’s also a dream for those with families. From dining and entertainment options to schools and parks, Del Cerro gets an A-rating.

Here at Steele Plumbing, we want to preserve and protect that A-rating by making sure the homes of our neighbors in Del Cerro stay clean, safe, and in great condition. How? By offering plumbing maintenance, repairs, and installation services throughout the area. Our certified and licensed plumbers truly do it all, so no matter what issues you may be having, we can help.

Plumbing Installation & Repair

Sewer & Drain

Water Treatment

We also offer other services, like Bathroom Remodels, Gas Leak Detection, Repair & Replacement, and Gas Log Lighter & Fireplace Gas Line Installation.

Cleaner, Safer Drinking & Bathing Water Is Possible With Steele

Did you know that San Diego’s water contains at least a handful of chemicals by the time it gets to our taps? We also have notoriously hard water, which can dry out skin and take the shine from our hair. If you’re looking for a chemical-free and environmentally-friendly way to soften and filter your water, we can help. We install water conditioning and filtration systems that can provide you with 15 years of cleaner, safer water and protect your pipes against scaling. Learn more here.

For Routine Or Emergency Plumbing Services, Call Steele Plumbing

Plumbing problems can be prevented with proper maintenance and care, but even in emergency situations, Steele Plumbing is only a phone call away for residents and business owners in Del Cerro. Is there anything we can help you with? Give us a call at 619-254-7285 or request an appointment online – you’ll “like the way you feel when you choose Steele!” We run our company with pride and integrity and we’re here to meet your needs, day or night!


You’ll love living in San Carlos even more when you realize that you’re included in our large service area and can count on having all your plumbing needs taken care of by our licensed, certified plumbers.