Steele Plumbing believes every home in San Diego should have a complete plumbing inspection, to maintain peace of mind that your home stays in tip top shape!

Plumbing Pipe & Maintenance Inspections:

Plumbing inspections are extremely important for peace of mind that your plumbing fixtures and pipes are all in good working order! WE believe by keeping these regularly maintained, it will prolong the life of each fixture, water, waste and gas line, your home. That’s why on every service call we have a list of things we check to ensure all your plumbing needs are being kept in good working order.

Steele Plumbing has a standard for home inspections that include: water pressure and regulators, ice maker lines, dishwasher lines, garbage disposal, gas stoves, visible drain lines, toilets, tub & showers, title caulking and seems, water heaters, shut off valves, and washer and dryer lines.

Steele Plumbing inspects ALL of these items on every service call, and we do this FREE of charge, with any plumbing service completed.  Call (619) 254-7285 or (858) 207-4047 to schedule your appointment today.