Choose the gas experts at Steele Plumbing to locate and replace those leaking lines today!

Are your pipes Galvanized? Quest?, or Polybutylene?

When Quest piping was first used through out San Diego, it was code approved piping that was easy to install, at a cheap cost. Since then, it has been discontinued and is no longer aloud to be used in San Diego, and other counties. The cheap product can not withstand the heat of the uv rays, or the chemicals used in our gas systems.

Steele Plumbing experts are very experienced with identifying this piping and experts at replacing them. We will replace your system with the state approved PE or Wardflex piping.

If you smell gas at all, open windows and doors and call the experts at Steele Plumbing to help guide you to turn off your system and get a plumber out there as soon as possible!

All Quest Piping Should Be Replaced

If you have Quest piping in your home, or you are not sure if you do, call the experts at Steele Plumbing. We have been servicing San Diego since 2003 and have the experts to handle all your plumbing needs!

If you have any questions about Quest piping in your home call the plumbers at Steele Plumbing (619) 254-7285 or (858) 207-4047 to take care of all your drain needs today!