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Drain blockages are very common from buildups of Grease, Hair, Tree Roots, Soaps and Detergents along with some others. In order to relieve the blockage, we would begin with a cable snake of your drain. In some cases a powerful hydro jetting service would be more effective and efficient. In extreme cases of blocked or broken drains, we recommend our camera line inspections to determine the extent and direct location of the blockage. In these cases, installation of a clean out usually remedies the blockage.

We also offer copies of the camera inspections on DVD’s, upon request.

Foul smells coming from your shower drains, floor drains, or sinks? Any thing backing up in your toilets, showers, and bathroom sinks? Or are you standing in water while your taking a shower? You may have a blockage in your existing waste or sewer lines.We recommend our Drain Cleaning services.

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Drain Clearing in San Diego

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Terms and Conditions: This is a “per blockage ” rate. This applies only to residential customers. Applies to all appointments run during normal business hours 7am – 5pm Monday through Friday. After hour house call fee applies, ask for details. Excludes: holidays, jetting or other advanced services. Blockage must be cleared by cable snake method. Blockage must be readily accessible (with clean out available). We do not go through roof vents. This is a very effective way to cause roof leaks but an ineffective way of clearing blockages. Cannot be combined with any other offer. No cash value.

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