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Have you noticed any hot spots on your floors? Or a spike in your water bills? Discolored or bubbled areas on your walls? You may have a leak coming from your existing water lines. We can re-pipe and re-route the lines so you never have water from underneath again. We have the equipment required to locate leaks or breaks and make a direct repair or re-route to eliminate water in your slabs.

Slab Leak is a leak in one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of your home. They come in two forms: sewer leaks and leaks in water lines. The first one is very notorious and immediately reflected on your water bill. The second, can leak for years without anybody knowing.

Slab leak symptoms you might observe are:

  • Hot spots on your floor.
  • Excessive moisture or mildew on walls or floors.
  • Higher water bills.

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