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Why you need a House Filtration System:

San Diego County’s water comes through various different water filtration plants. These filtration plants add various chemicals into the water to try and “clean” it before reaching your home.These plants add chemicals such as calcium, chlorine and ammonia to “clean” the water, however the minerals and chemicals stay in the water and are consumed and absorbed by homeowners, through drinking and bathing in such water. According to California’s Department of Public Health San Diego’s water supply contains eight chemicals harmful to people.

This is why Steele Plumbing advocates, for FLOW-TECH:

FLOW-TECH has two devices that combine to make FLOW-Tech PURE HOME:

  • FLOW-TECH HOME MAX is a small, non-invasive device that when attached to your piping helps protect, and keep your plumbing healthy. The device keeps minerals from sticking in your pipe that might cause a blockage or other serious damage.

  • FLOW-TECH PURE is slender tank attached to your piping that filters the water used through any of the faucets in your home. It significantly reduces chlorine and other harsh chemicals, providing better tasting water.


  • FLOW-TECH PURE HOME a full house filtration system that not only cleans incoming water for you to drink but also clears out existing minerals stuck in your home’s pipes. This system  can last for up to 15 years!

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