Save Money, Water & Time The Easy Way, With San Diego’s Best Water Saving Systems

The best things in life aren’t always free — like living in San Diego, for example. We wouldn’t trade our city for any other, but it’s certainly not the least expensive place to live. While we may not be able to bring down the overall cost of living here in San Diego, we can save you and your family or company money and help you conserve both water and energy with our water saving systems.

Our team of honest and experienced licensed plumbers specializes in the installation, repair, and replacement of water pressure regulators, hot water recirculation systems, and tankless water heaters, so whatever your needs or priorities may be, we can help. Here’s a little bit about each type of water saving system we install and repair:

  • Water Pressure Regulators — Water pressure regulators are responsible for taking the incoming high pressure water (from the city main) and lowering the pressure to levels that are friendlier to our plumbing systems and appliances. When water pressure regulators fail, you may experience running toilets, damaged appliances, corroding fixtures, dripping faucets, leaks, pipe breaks, and more. Learn more about the signs of a damaged or failing water pressure regulator and how we can help right here.
  • Hot Water Recirculation Systems —Waiting for hot water to heat up can be wasteful in more ways than one: wasted time, wasted water, wasted money. What if you didn’t have to wait or waste water? Well, with a hot water recirculation system, you don’t have to. These systems provide a loop of hot water from the water tank to the faucets in the home or business, so that hot water is simply moved to where it’s needed, when it’s needed. That means less waste all around. Find out more here.
  • Tankless Water Heaters — Are you short on space? Do you go through your hot water pretty quickly when everyone’s taking showers or multiple appliances are running? Are you looking for ways to enjoy instant hot water while cutting down on energy waste and space waste? A tankless water heater is the answer. Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters don’t have a reserve of water to continuously heat up. Instead, water is heated as needed and sent to the faucet, so you never run out of hot water, and you never have to pay to heat water you don’t need. Read more about tankless water heaters and their many benefits right here.

If you’re interested in learning more about how water saving systems can help conserve water and lower your utility bills, call Steele Plumbing at 619-254-7285 or request an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers online. We’d love to talk with you further!


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