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Here in San Diego, many older homes still have their original piping. When you pair age with the hard water we have here in the area and the years of grease and waste build up, it’s easy to see why pipes sometimes break, deteriorate, or back up. Tree roots can also grow and penetrate sewer and drain lines.

Unfortunately, a broken or deteriorating sewer or drain line can do a lot of damage to your home and property, and repair costs can quickly add up. Some repairs may even require some digging and destruction of landscaping, sidewalks, or driveways. But if you have damaged sewer or drain pipes, whatever the cause, Steele Plumbing has a solution for you.

We specialize in sewer and drain rerouting, re-piping, and trenchless sleeving, and our team of friendly, service-oriented, licensed plumbing contractors and sewer specialists can make long-lasting, effective drain line and sewer line repairs quickly and professionally.

When Is It Best To Reroute Drain & Sewer Lines?

In some situations, like if you have recurring plumbing problems or tree roots have penetrated your drain or sewer lines, a reroute may be the best course of action. During a reroute, we’ll change the path of the sewer or drain lines to keep your pipes out of the root area and protected against root penetration. We may also need to reroute if you are adding on to your home or property and need to dig or build where your existing sewer or drain lines are.

Our team goes to great lengths to keep disruption to your property to a minimum throughout the rerouting process, and in some situations, we may find it best to leave your existing drain or sewer lines in place. But no matter what, you can expect a job done well and with pride. We’ll even work with local authorities to get any needed permits, so we can get the job done in a timely manner.

When Is Re-Piping The Best Option?

Have you already dealt with one sewer or drain backup? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll have to deal with one again because the problem lies in the sewer or drain piping. Bigger problems may show up in the way of recurring sewage backups and bad odors, and when: 

  • backups are ongoing
  • damage is extensive
  • piping is made of an outdated material
  • or the pipe is broken, corroded, filled with limescale deposits, or has collapsed

the smartest option for repair may be to re-pipe. Re-piping involves replacing the existing sewer or drain line with new piping.

Some of the most common reasons for re-piping here in San Diego include waste and grease buildup, corrosion, and age – of course, our hard, chemical-ridden water doesn’t do our pipes any favors either! But whatever the cause of your pipe damage, our team can replace it quickly and professionally, with as little disruption as possible. We use ABS and cast iron pipes when re-piping and will quickly determine which material is best for your situation. 

  • ABS pipes are black in color, non-toxic, and resistant to scratches and damage. They’re also shock-resistant and stronger than other plastic pipe options, which is important here in San Diego, given our exposure to earthquakes.
  • Cast iron pipes are valued for their incredible longevity and durability. They’re also quieter than plastic pipes and cut down on the noise of water running through. Another benefit to cast iron is that it’s a reusable material that’s environmentally-friendly.

What Is Trenchless Sleeving?

If you’re not a plumber and you aren’t addicted to This Old House, there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard the term “trenchless sleeving.” So what is it? It’s cost-effective alternative to digging up and replacing damaged, deteriorating pipes (or pipes with severe root intrusion) and is a bit like relining. Here’s how it works.


  • inspect the existing pipe to pinpoint damage
  • clean the existing pipe
  • take the new felt and polyurethane liner sleeve and saturate it with a catalyzed thermosetting resin mixture (This is done through what’s known as the “wet-out” process)
  • forcibly insert the sleeve into the existing pipe using either air, water, or a winch

Once in place, we use air pressure or a water column to inflate the Cast In Place Pipe (CIPP) sleeve liner and press it into the existing pipe. We also use the power of steam/hot water to begin the curing or hardening process by circulating it through the liner sleeve.

Once fully cured, you’re left with a clean, newly lined sewer pipe.

When Is Trenchless Sleeving Sewer Pipe Repair Needed?

Trenchless sleeving sewer pipe repair is a great solution for:

  • Cracked clay, cast iron, PVC, ABS, HDPE, concrete, metal corrugated, or Orangeburg pipes
  • Rust corrosion
  • Burst or broken pipes
  • Misaligned piping
  • Pipes with severe root intrusion
  • Pipes with sewage backups

There are, however, situations in which trenchless sleeving isn’t an option. For example, if there is a major break in the line or the pipe has collapsed in some areas, this many not be a good option. Our experienced and licensed plumbing contractors will let you know if trenchless sleeving is not an option in your situation.

Trenchless Sleeving Vs. Traditional Sewer Pipe Repairs

Most sewer lines in San Diego are installed beneath the home or deep in the yard surrounding. Without trenchless sleeving, repair options in these situations can be highly invasive and destructive to portions of the home and property. Sleeveless trenching a great alternative to traditional sewer repair because it:

  • doesn’t involve digging and excavation, which oftentimes destroys or damages property (including foundations walls, landscaping, driveways, sidewalks, etc.)
  • can be done to repair pipes in areas where traditional sewer repair is not approved by ordinances or is not favorable for other reasons
  • is greener and makes use of existing pipe instead of replacing and discarding it
  • is less invasive and disruptive to your sewer and water service

So if you have pipe problems, like roots, cracks, stoppages, or other issues, and you’re looking for an alternative that doesn’t involve digging up your beautiful landscape, consider trenchless sleeving. Repairs are long-lasting and can save you a lot of money overall.

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