Wish Your Home’s Water Was Cleaner & Safer? Ask Us About Our Water Filtration Systems!

We all want to keep our families healthy, but is the water you and your family use and drink at home helping or hurting your cause? The truth is, most of our water here in San Diego is imported and travels through several miles of piping and conditioning treatments to get to us.

Along the way, a lot of minerals and chemicals are absorbed into the water. Do you know what’s in the water by the time it comes out of your faucet or shower head? We’ll tell you: chloramine, calcium, chloride, ammonia, and other chemicals. In fact, according to California’s Department of Public Health, eight harmful chemicals can be found in San Diego’s water supply. Not exactly what you want flowing through your house’s pipes or your own pipes, but we can help.

Flow-Tech Makes Clean, Better Tasting Water & Clean, Clear Pipes Easy & Eco-Friendly

Here at Steele Plumbing, we work to provide cleaner, safer, purer water for our neighbors throughout San Diego by installing whole home water filtration systems from Flow-Tech. These systems can eliminate harsh chemicals in your drinking water and all the rest of the water flowing through your home, so you can focus on keeping your family healthy and hydrated.

The great thing about Flow-Tech water filtration systems is that they carry a 100% money back guarantee, and they filter water in a way that’s safe and eco-friendly.

  • Flow-Tech Home Max prevents mineral deposits from building up within the pipes of your home. This prevents damage to your piping and appliances and helps keep things working efficiently.
  • Flow-Tech Pure filters the water going to your faucets, getting rid of harsh chemicals like chlorine, so you can enjoy cleaner, safer drinking and bathing water.

Both are small, non-invasive devices, and together, these two systems form the Flow-Tech Pure Home System — a whole-home water filtration system that keeps your water and your pipes clean and clear for up to 15 years.

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Whether you’re drinking it or bathing in it, water’s absorbed by your body. Make sure that water is clean and free of harsh chemicals by investing in a home water filtration system from Flow-Tech. Call Steele Plumbing at 619-254-7285 or reach out to us here through our website to request an appointment or to get a quote for your water filtration system installation! Our licensed plumbing professionals make it easy to enjoy cleaner, safer water in San Diego.


Our anti-scaling water conditioning system is the perfect water treatment system to prevent harsh chemicals in your water supply from causing limescale buildup.