Save Time & Money With Expert Camera Inspections & Leak Detection From Steele Plumbing

Like anything hidden from view, it can be difficult to pinpoint where the real problem lies in your plumbing system. But piping can run long distances, under structures, and straight through landscaping, which means digging, dismantling pipe, and the “trial and error” approach to resolving plumbing issues can be costly, destructive, and wasteful in more ways than one.

Not only that, but leaks can cause extensive damage to homes, businesses, and properties if they aren’t located and fixed promptly.

Here at Steele Plumbing, we aim to resolve plumbing issues fast for our customers in San Diego, with as little disruption to your property and wallet as possible. That’s why we use specialized cameras to inspect the plumbing system and pinpoint leaks, blockages, lost items, and damage. Camera inspections can save you time, frustration, and money and allow us to resolve the problem for you, quickly and effectively.

What Is A Sewer & Drain Camera Inspection & When Is It Needed?

During a sewer and drain inspection, we place a state-of-the-art camera line down into the drain or sewer line in order to see what’s really going on in there. The camera allows us to get a close look at blockages, broken lines, corrosion, root intrusions, or other issues so we can come up with a course of action and make recommendations for repairs. This camera equipment also allows us to record our findings for your records.

Our licensed plumbing contractors will typically recommend a camera inspection in these instances:

  • we’re unable to clear a clogged drain by snaking
  • we suspect a leak but we’re unsure of the location
  • plumbing issues are recurring and have no clear cause
  • we need to identify the exact location of the issue for excavation reasons
  • something valuable (like a wedding ring) has been lost and needs to be located and extracted

These are some of the issues that camera inspections can uncover:

  • cracks or breaks in pipes
  • shifted or misaligned pipes due to soil settling or earthquakes
  • accumulation or buildup that can reduce flow and lead to backups
  • corrosion or damage
  • clogs and blockages
  • leaks
  • worn-down seals
  • tree root-related damage/infiltration

Lost Priceless Jewelry Down The Drain? Take A Deep Breathe & Call Steele Plumbing

Nothing makes your stomach sink and sends you into panic mode quite like losing a priceless valuable down the sink. Whether it was your grandmother’s wedding ring or your favorite pair of earrings from your dad, some things just aren’t replaceable. We understand, which is why we act quick. Our camera inspections allow us to promptly locate and safely retrieve your priceless items in drains and sewer lines, so you can breathe easy. 

Buying Or Selling A Home Or Business? Invest In A Sewer Or Drain Camera Inspection First

Camera inspections are also recommended at the purchase or selling of a home or business property. Why? Knowing about leaks, pipe damage, clogs, and other issues before the property changes hands can save you from investing in a home with major plumbing issues. Camera inspections can also let you know how much money you can expect to pay to resolve those issues, so you can include those costs in the purchase or negotiate with the seller.

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If you suspect a leak, have a clogged drain, or you’ve lost something valuable, give Steele Plumbing a call at 619-254-7285. We have over 30 years of plumbing experience and, using our state-of-the-art sewer/drain camera inspection equipment, we can provide a solution fast! Call or request an appointment online and discover why we’re San Diego county’s preferred plumber!


If you’re having problems with your sewer or drains, remember we provide residential and commercial drain cleaning throughout the San Diego area.