Enjoy Cleaner, Healthier Water With Eco-Friendly Water Treatment Systems From Flow-Tech

Because we import most of our water here in San Diego, by the time the water coming out of our sink and shower faucets reaches us, it’s filled with impurities. California’s Department of Public Health states that San Diego’s water supply contains eight chemicals known to be harmful to people. Not exactly refreshing news is it?

In addition to these harmful chemicals, our water is “hard” and contains minerals that lead to the buildup of limescale. This can clog and damage pipes and appliances (like water heaters), dull our hair, dry out our skin, leave our clean dishes covered in a cloudy film, and cause us to use more soap and detergent. But here at Steele Plumbing, we believe in providing cleaner, safer water, which is why we proudly install water treatment systems from Flow-Tech.

  • Water Filtration Systems —We rely on water to keep our bodies hydrated and clean, but with all the chemicals found in San Diego’s imported water, our water may be doing more harm than good. Change that in your home by investing in the Flow-Tech Home Max and Flow-Tech Pure water filtration systems. We proudly install both, and together, they make up the Flow-Tech Pure Home System, which offers whole home purification that keeps your water cleaner and healthier for up to 15 years. Find out more about this chemical-free water filtration system here.
  • Anti-Scaling Water Conditioning Systems — Living in San Diego doesn’t have to mean living with hard water. The Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale System is the most advanced and eco-friendly anti-scaling water conditioning system available. Not only does this small and non-invasive device soften hard water and prevent limescale buildup, but it also addresses limescale buildup already present in your plumbing system. You’ll enjoy protected pipes; energy-efficient appliances; money savings on soaps, detergents, and water; cleaner dishes; and better-looking skin and hair. Learn more here.

Are you ready to enjoy cleaner, healthier water in your home? Water that’s kinder to your body and your plumbing? Call Steele Plumbing at 619-254-7285 or reach out to us here on our website to request an appointment to have your water treatment system installed. Our licensed plumbing contractors can answer any questions you have about how these systems work and help you determine just what you need for your home. We also provide backflow testing, service, and repair. Call today and discover why we’ve been San Diego county’s preferred plumber since 2003!


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