We Install The Most Advanced Anti-Scaling Water Conditioning Systems Available — Get Softer Water The Green Way!

Because our water travels quite a ways to get to us and picks up calcium, magnesium, and other minerals along the way, San Diego has relatively hard water. These minerals are what make the water “hard,” and while they’re seemingly harmless, they do have a downside. The downside is that hard water can leave limescale deposits in your piping and appliances, which can cause things like:

  • Spurting, spraying faucets — Thought you were ready for work, but with one use of the kitchen sink, it’s suddenly time for a wardrobe change. More mess, more frustration, more wasted time, and more paper towels to manage cleanup.
  • Spotted and cloudy dishes — You set your table just as Emily Post instructed you to, but with those cloudy, spotted champagne flutes, no one will confuse your formal table setting with Martha Stewart’s.
  • Clogged and scaly pipes and fixtures — White and green deposits on your fixtures really take away from that clean, polished look, and clogged pipes can lead to a whole host of plumbing issues and inconveniences.
  • Inefficient water heaters — 1/4” limescale deposits and buildup on the heat exchangers in your water heater can cut efficiency nearly in half. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on other things?
  • Dull hair & dry skin — Life in San Diego is meant to be beautiful. When you’re hiking in Torrey Pines or spending the day in La Jolla, you don’t want to have to worry about dry, flaking skin and dull hair.

Hard water doesn’t have to be a part of your life just because you live in San Diego. Here at Steele Plumbing, we install the Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale System, which softens hard water and prevents limescale buildup. It also removes limescale buildup already inside your plumbing and appliances, and unlike other water conditioning systems, Flow-Tech doesn’t rely on salts, coils, or chemicals to get the job done.

With the Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale System, you can boost the energy efficiency of your appliances, save on soaps and detergents, and save on water. Plus, your hair, your skin, your appliances, your pipes, and your dishes will thank you!

What other qualities make Flow-Tech the best choice?

  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It’s cost-effective
  • It’s maintenance-free
  • It’s the most advanced chemical free water treatment system available
  • It carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Say Goodbye To Lime Deposits & Hello To Softer Water

Are you tired of that slimy feel on your skin during a shower? Are you ready to kiss limescale deposits and buildup goodbye? Call Steele Plumbing at 619-254-7285 and ask about our Anti-Scaling Water Conditioning Systems. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and when you’re ready to have the system installed, you can count on our licensed plumbing contractors to do the job right. Call or fill out our online appointment request form for more info or to request an appointment today.