Clogged Drain Making Your Life Miserable? We Snake Drains Throughout San Diego!

Standing water can take the enjoyment out of a steamy shower, take the ease out of a simple task like washing your hands, face, or dishes, and add a whole lot of frustration to your day. But you don’t have to just deal with it, day in and day out.

Here at Steele Plumbing, we snake drains using a plumbing snake or auger that’s safe for drains of all types. These long, flexible metal tubes allow us to get those clogs cleared quickly, so you can get back to your life or work.

How Snaking Works To Clear Drains

The concept behind snaking is quite simple: we push a snake (a long, flexible metal tube) into the drain pipe from the toilet, bathtub, sink, shower, or other cleanout until it reaches the clog or blockage. Once there, we crank the snake to get rid of the blockage. The obstruction is either dislodged and pushed through, torn up with the end of the auger, or pulled back up through the drain by the end of the auger.

What Types Of Clogs Is Snaking Good For?

Snaking can be a fast and effective drain cleaning method for minor or mid-sized clogs, like hair, food, or waste blockages. Did someone accidentally flush something they shouldn’t have? Drain snaking will likely resolve the issue.

Drain Clogs Don’t Stand A Chance Against Steele Plumbing

Our team specializes in drain snaking and we have the tools and experience to get rid of blockages and drain clogs fast, without damaging your pipes or your wallet. Whether you know exactly what the blockage is or you’re just tired of waking up every day to a slow-draining sink or shower, call Steele Plumbing at 619-254-7285.

We fix plumbing issues for our neighbors in Hillcrest, North Park, Talmadge, Kensington, Point Loma, Bonita, and all throughout San Diego. Whether your clog happens at 10 in the morning or 10 at night, help is only a phone call away — we even offer 24 hour emergency service!


Another drain cleaning option is hydro jetting which can clean out the toughest grease and gunk buildup.