We Test, Repair & Replace Water Pressure Regulators In San Diego

Water pressure regulators (also known as pressure reducing valves) are designed to take the high pressure water that’s coming into the home or business from the city water service and lower it to a level that’s more suitable for the plumbing system. Here in San Diego, our city’s water pressure runs high, which is why a properly working water pressure regulator is especially important for residents and business owners in the area.

When water pressure regulators fail, the high pressure water coming in can cause toilets to run, faucets to drip, and pipes to burst. Not only that, but water pressure higher than 80PSI can cause damage to and shorten the life of your appliances. Last time we checked, water heaters, refrigerators, and dish washers were expensive! Protect them by making sure your water pressure regulator is working properly. You can either test it yourself or leave it to one of the licensed plumbers here at Steele Plumbing.

We inspect, test, repair, and replace water pressure regulators, so whether yours is causing low water pressure or failing to lower the high water pressure of the incoming water, we can help.

9 Signs It’s Time To Have Your Water Pressure Regulator Repaired Or Replaced

  1. You tested the water pressure regulator with a test gauge and the results showed a PSI of over 80 or below 40.
  2. You have multiple leaky faucets in your home or business.
  3. Your fixtures are corroding.
  4. You’ve recently had pipes burst.
  5. Your water pressure rises significantly when you turn on a faucet.
  6. Your toilet runs continuously.
  7. Your pipes are noisy (listen for vibrations or banging sounds).
  8. Your water surges or you have very little water flow.
  9. Your bathroom or kitchen fixtures (like showers, toilets, or hot water heaters) leak.

Save Yourself The Hassle & Expense Of Water Damage — Request A Water Pressure Regulator Test & Inspection Today

Don’t wait until your appliances are damaged, you’ve wasted water as a result of dripping faucets and running toilets, or you’ve experienced flooding and water damage as a result of a leak or pipe burst — call Steele Plumbing at 619-254-7285 and talk with one of our plumbing professionals about your water pressure regulator.

We’d be more than happy to repair yours or install a new one for you, and we guarantee expert results. Just reach out to us here on our website or give us a call to schedule an appointment today — we look forward to serving you, wherever you are in San Diego county!


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