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There are several types of water heaters: natural gas, electric, propane gas, tankless. Here at Steele Plumbing, we are trained and have the experience to professionally install the proper one for your home. All our heaters are at a flat rate price for the water heater and all necessary supplies to make your installation efficiently meets your family or business needs. We don’t add the extras as we go. When looking to purchase a water heater, be sure to ask if the install includes the following: brass drain, flex lines, ball valve, earthquake straps, drain pan, and removal of old water heater.  On an as-needed basis should be included. (Except with tankless and some electric). At Steele Plumbing Inc. we will include all the necessary items to ensure your water heater is professionally installed, and operate efficiently for your home and business.

To boost the hot water efficiency in your home and decrease the waste of water while waiting for hot water to reach your fixtures, we recommend a hot water system that circulates the hot water so it is available when you turn your fixture on. Call Steele Plumbing, Inc at 619-344-8883 to request a system for your home, or for more information.

Water Heaters in San Diego

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