Unfortunately it seems like plumbing problems happen at the most inconvenient times, but fortunately, some of these issues do not have to be taken care of immediately. Of course, Steele Plumbing is always here to help you when you have an emergency, no matter what time it may be. We are proud to offer professional 24/7 emergency services to the San Diego area, and you can count on our trained and certified plumbers to take care of you when it is necessary. However, there is obviously a huge difference between a dripping faucet and a sewage backup, but to be clear, we would like to tell you more about what questions to ask yourself to determine if a plumbing problem is a true emergency or if it can wait until business hours.

When do you need to use the affected plumbing?woman in pink shirt looking under sink

Your family gets home from work and school to find that the sink in the hallway bathroom is clogged, but since you have a master bathroom, you might be able to put off calling Steele Plumbing until the next morning. If you only have one bathroom in your home, you could possibly use the sink in your kitchen to brush teeth and to take care of other routine needs.

Can the water be shut off or not?

If freezing weather has led to a pipe bursting in the middle of the night, you should first shut off the water at the specific shutoff valve for that appliance, if at all possible. This step should be taken as soon as possible when there is any situation involving water leaking into your home. If you do not have specific shutoff valves in your home, you can turn the water off at the main shutoff valve. If this is not possible for any reason, you should always call a professional plumber with emergency 24/7 coverage, such as Steele Plumbing.

Will there be more damage if you postpone the repairs?

If you do not know where the shutoff valves are located in your home, you could end up with even more damage from water leaks. Not only can water create extensive damage to your house, but the repairs can also be very costly. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average cost of a home insurance water claim is approximately $7,000, and the home insurance industry spends about two and a half billion dollars on water damage claims every year.

Answering the questions above can help you know whether or not you need emergency professional plumbing services. For the best dependable 24/7 service in the San Diego area, contact us at Steele Plumbing. No matter what day and time it may be, our bonded and licensed professionals are here for you.