When you are living in a tight budget, it can be difficult to plan for emergency services, including plumbing repairs. Knowing a few simple maintenance tips can go a long way when you follow them routinely. For 16 years, Steele Plumbing has provided the best professional services in the San Diego area, including 24/7 emergency services. Even though we are always here to help you with a gushing leak in the middle of the night, we also like to educate our customers on the best ways to maintain their plumbing systems. We would like to share a few tips that will save you money on your plumbing costs this year.

Know How to Shut Off the Watermoney in a white toilet

When your toilet will not stop running, it could make your water bill become very expensive. If you shut off its water supply between flushes, you can save quite a bit of money. For some problems, like a frozen pipe bursting inside your home, you will need to shut off the main water valve until Steele Plumbing can make repairs. This reduces the amount of water damage to your home from flooding.

Be Conscientious

According to USA Today, you can save thousands of dollars on plumbing costs by being mindful to what you are washing down the drains and flushing down your toilets. In the kitchen, you should always pour grease into something that can be thrown away into the trash with the food particles. In the bathroom, you should cover your bathtub drain with mesh to keep hair from clogging the pipes. If you have kids, make sure you teach them about what to flush and what not to flush down the toilet.

Be Alert

To avoid major plumbing costs, you should know the signs of blocked drains that could lead to a sewage backup. Pour a few gallons of water down drains that you rarely use. Keep your ears open to any gurgling sounds or other noises you have never heard before from your pipes. Check your outdoor drains for any debris. By staying alert, you should easily know when there is a problem.

Following these tips will help you save money on your plumbing costs this year. Contact us at Steele Plumbing for all of your professional plumbing needs.