Steele Plumbing provides San Diego’s best leak detections and camera inspections!

San Diego has a lot of deteriorated cast iron waste lines and old copper water lines that are leaking and breaking daily. You should feel confident that if this happens to you, your plumber will have the proper training and equipment to not only locate the break or leak, but the experience to fix it! Steele Plumbing provides both experience and proper equipment! We have leak detecting equipment for your water lines, cameras to locate your sewer blockages and breaks, and gas sniffers and tester for all your gas appliances.

When buying a home, Steele Plumbing highly suggests having the sewer lines, that are not included in regular home inspections, viewed by a professional plumber, with a camera. This way you can buy your new home with confidence all your plumbing pipes are in good condition before you move in! We want your new home buying experience to be a great one! No one wants to move into a home and then find out their sewer lines are old and deteriorated cast iron that that has become over taken by roots or collapse all together! A simple camera inspection by Steele Plumbing will help you buy with confidence! Call (619) 254-7285 or (858) 207-4047 to schedule your appointment today.