Water pressure regulators are the leading cause of running toilets, faucet drips, and bursting pipes in San Diego!

Steele Plumbing will check, repair, install, or replace pressure regulators at your home or business today! High water pressure can be controlled by a valve at your in coming water service. San Diego’s water pressure does run high and can cause your toilets to continuously run and your water heater to start leaking. It also corrodes your plumbing fixtures and causes pipes to burst, leading to flooding in your home or business.

San Diego people Choose Steele Plumbing for professionally installed pressure regulators!

Let Steele Plumbing check your water pressure and give you the peace of mind that your plumbing fixtures are being protected! Our professional plumbers are the San Diego experts at checking, installing, and replacing water pressure regulators. Call the plumbers at Steele Plumbing (619) 254-7285 or (858) 207-4047 to take care of all your drain needs today!