Does the water from the sprayer at your kitchen sink or your bathroom shower sprayer cause water to spray everywhere except where it is supposed to? How about those pesky spots on your “clean” dishes in the dishwasher?

What causes this to happen, and where do those spots come from? Hard Water or Lime Scale build up! It is a mixture of dissolved calcium and magnesium. It clogs your plumbing pipes and fixtures and causes cloudy, spot filled dishes. It also causes the need for increased soap, decreases water efficiency in water heaters, especially tankless heaters, and even makes our hair harder to manage… Yuck!

What can you do to not only stop this but make your water using appliances more efficient? Buy new ones? No! Call Steele Plumbing, Inc at 619-344-8883 and ask the professionals about the Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale System!

The Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale system stops the future build up of limescale that causes those unwanted spraying fiascos and spots on your “clean” dishes. Even better, it also removes the existing scale build up you already have! All this without the use of salts, coils or other chemicals!