San Diego County has very hard water and high water pressure! The high pressure is so the water in the main line can produce enough water from that line to all the customers that line is servicing. While the water pipes for the city are equipped for that large pressure, your home’s piping systems usually, are not. The average homes perfect PSI (pressure per square inch) number is between 50-80 psi. Any higher can cause pipes to leak or burst. It also is common for toilets to continuously run or leak, water heaters to leak, and refrigerator water lines to leak.

If your pressure is too low, your fixtures and water supply will not be producing enough water to your satisfaction. In this case you may be able to have Steele Plumbing remove a regulator or install a pressure booster.

Steele Plumbing is invested in keeping your pipes as well as your home fixtures intact and in top running shape. We check your PSI with any work service performed, and recommend that a high PSI, be lowered  by installing a new pressure regulator, to keep your house at a comfortable, manufactured pre-set  55psi.

Ask the experts from Steele Plumbing to perform a test on your whole house water service and they will recommend what would be best for your pipes, toilets, and other fixtures!

Steele Plumbing is your Best Choice for San Diego Plumbing services.  Their team of professional and seasoned plumbers take extra care to provide you excellent plumbing services.