Steele Plumbing are San Diego’s specialists in locating and repairing all water leaks!

Do you feel any warm spots on your floors? Are you hearing hissing sounds from your walls, or seeing discolored areas? Has your water bill changed drastically? This could very well be due to a water leak in your slab or your walls!

Steele Plumbing has the professional equipment to listen and locate your leaks! We will locate your leak and determine if a direct repair, through the flor or through your wall would be your best option. Sometimes by abandoning this pipe and re-routing a new one, away from the slab or wall, would be more beneficial to you. This would prevent an additional leak in another area of the same pipe.

The professionals at Steele Plumbing will provide you with your options and let you decide what works best for you! Call (619) 254-7285 or (858) 207-4047 to schedule your appointment today.