If you have ever had to deal with a flooded basement, or even worse, a sewage backup into your home, you already know the value of havingsump pump a sump pump. When your home or business is below the street level, your toilets are likely installed below the sewer line, which means the waste from your home must be pumped up to the main sewer line. Of course, this involves defying gravity, so having a sump pump can be essential in helping you avoid the situation of sewage flowing back into your home instead of up to the main sewer line. For 15 years, Steele Plumbing has worked to decrease the number of sewage backups in the San Diego area with our experienced professional plumbing services, including sump pump repair and installation. We would like to tell you more about why you should consider having a sump pump installed in your home.

What can cause sewage backups?

You probably already know that a clogged toilet can lead to a sewage backup. Tree roots can also cause problems as they can grow into the lines and cause cracks and blockages. As mentioned above, your sewage system in your home may be built below the city main line. While the city of San Diego has done major improvements to the sewage system, older lines still exist and can be problematic. Having a sump pump not only protects you and your family from the health hazards of a sewage backup into your home, but it also helps to keep wastewater out of our creeks, lagoons, and coastal areas.

How does a sump pump work?

When you are looking for a sump pump for your home, you will have to choose between two different types: pedestal and submersible. Both types work the same way by pumping water away when activated by a pressure sensor. A pedestal sump pump is cost-effective and reliable, according to ImproveNet; however, the motor is separate from the pump and can be quite noisy, which can be a disadvantage if you use your basement as living space. Although a submersible sump pump is expensive and can be costly to repair, it works much faster than a pedestal sump pump and can stand up to heavy flooding.

As part of our professional plumbing services, Steele Plumbing inspects, repairs, and replaces sump pumps, and we install the best sump pumps on the market. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our sump pump services. We also provide 24/7 emergency services so never hesitate to call us, even if it is the middle of the night. Your health and safety are always our top priorities.